Compare Business Copy Machines 2017

Copy machines are an essential tool for businesses today. Although though all copiers perform similar functions, you’ll find that they differ in speed, quality, and reliability. It’s important to choose a copier that will suit your business’ needs. The decision comes down to knowing just what you’ll be using it for.


Your business never wants to waste time, and your copy machine should be no exception. Your machine should work fast enough not to slow you down, and you’ll be able to tell whether or not it will by looking at it’s speed, measured in pages per minute. Remember – the nicer the quality, the slower the speed. If you’re patient, and prefer incredible-looking images and documents, you’ll want to consider Canon brand copiers. On the other hand, if your top priority is efficiency, and a slightly less impressive quality is by going to be a hindrance for you business, you’ll want to pass over Canon and look at brands like Brother and Xerox.

The price of Canon machines can be another obstacle. If you’re wowed by Canon quality, but don’t have that kind of budget, don’t worry! And definitely don’t buy a copier that you won’t have the money to use. Instead, choose a less expensive brand, there are plenty to choose from that will fit your budget, without creating way less impressive looking documents than Canon.

Additional features sound great, but all the extra costs can add up quickly. Be picky about the add-on features you purchase, so that you won’t regret buying something that you’ll never use.

Returning to the topic of speed, some people can get frustrated by an extensive warm up time. This is the amount of time your copier takes when it is first turned in to prepare for printing. For most people, warm up time isn’t a problem, but it’s still something worth looking into.

No one wants to have to stand next to their copy machine constantly refilling the paper tray when printing large amounts of documents. You’ll know how much paper the copier can hold by looking at its “paper capacity”.

Finally, plan where you’ll keep your new machine. Will it need to be next to an outlet? Is there enough space for a machine of its size? Answer these questions ahead of time so you won’t be embarrassed – it’s no fun to buy a copier only to take it to your business and realize you won’t be able to use it. A smart business owner always plans ahead when considering a new copier.